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Human has a strong relationship with his emotions. It is easy to express one’s emotions , but capturing perfectly it in camera is much difficult than it seems. That is why a picture is worth a thousand words. Some of the situation might be familiar for you.

In this collection, we’ve posted some of the most emotional photos that show the human emotion.

Wild animals and emotions

Emotions can make the wildest animals sweet as ponies.

Meeting your loved ones

Missing our loved ones is the deepest emotions that we can ever feel. You become very emotional when you meet them after a long time.


Fear is the most dominant and primary emotion.

Missing Hug

Her sister was discharged from the hospital after being treated for her suicidal attempt and she didn’t let her go for an hour.

Sobbing before its shelter

The man cannot afford $400 dollars to get back his dog named Buzz Lightyear which was impounded, So he cries in front of its cage.

Feeding Animals

A firefighter giving water to a Koala during the Black Saturday Bushfire that burnt across Victoria, Australia, 2009.


A son showing love towards his father who is drunk.

Good Bye Soph !

A picture taken just before the death of a dog, named Soph.

Struggle Ends

A man with his Mother, picture taken before his death, who survived and battled two double lung transplants and the Cystic Fibrosis for a couple of years.

Found his lost pet dog.

In Alabama, Greg Cook hugs his dog very emotionallyafter finding it from the rubble of his home during the tornado attack in march,2012.

A baby Deer

A newborn Fawn is being feeded with milk by the surgeons.

Owl`s Vision

A cute new born owl`s reactions.

A weak, flightless bird

This is an undeveloped baby bird . It is being fed by the spoon.

Herbivore and Carnivore Together

Youc cant believe it but it is reality. Yes its Cheetahs and one single Deer and no harm is done here. They also have some emotions.

Best Friends Forever

Yes, animals and man can also be friends. Animals also have emotions like human do.

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1 comment, 670 shares, -1 points
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